Coaching for Solutions
Our approaches usually produce very good outcomes, but better still they give the teams with whom we work the opportunity to learn and grow through the experience.
Allen Management Solutions helped ensure that a thorough and disciplined process was used in order to achieve the required project outcome, which not only ensured a sound end result but also improved the project management skills of the staff members involved and the way they now approach future projects.

Jarrod Bryant,
Wagga Wagga City Council
In a recent engagement for a Premier Sporting Venue for a regional city, the final report prepared by the Council team was described in the daily paper as “one of the best prepared reports ever given to Council”. An SMS poll conducted by the local TV station endorsed the report’s finding with over 90% support.

This was achieved by a six member team coached and facilitated by John Allen. The team members who included council facility and recreation planners, engineers and finance staff all contributed to what was an outstanding result and a great team effort.

The project took about six months and included half a dozen workshops with council and community representatives. It also included extensive research including some 50 site visits and interviews, largely conducted by team members.

The disciplines in how to approach the project were provided by Allen Management Solutions, drawing in part on material from a Consulting Skills course developed in partnership with The Voice Business.

At the end of the project, the project team leader made a special point of thanking us for what had been learned as a result of the experience.

The reactions from the CEO of a company with whom we did a similar team based review of their inventory strategy had a similar endorsement:

Our supply chain project yielded some good hard benefits but just as valuable was the way our people worked together to achieve them.

We really know we have succeeded when the client staff lead the presentations and reviews and take the initiative on the implementation … well before the formal project is complete. In this latter case the total benefits approached $2m and were implemented with some very simple changes in the end, with the staff taking just a few weeks to make the changes, once the research, workshops, team building and structured approach all led to some very important, owned and well understood changes. The HR Manager cited the skills transfer as a significant by product of the exercise, and rated it as superior to what was often available from management schools.
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