Skills for Solutions
Part of the value from our assignments is often skills transfer. As part of achieving client ownership we usually create many direct and indirect learning opportunities.
John was engaged by CRC for Irrigation Futures to help the research group better understand the regional stakeholders needs. A successful combination of facilitated workshops and directed communications provided us with the reinvigoration needed at a critical time.

Ian Atkinson, CEO
In a recent engagement we worked with a group of academic researchers who were experiencing difficulties in connecting with their clients. Over the course of several months we were able to help the researchers articulate the outcomes they were intending to produce and ensure that these outcomes were relevant to and supported by the key stakeholders. This work led to the reinvigoration of the research effort.

The techniques that were employed have also been successfully employed elsewhere in a diverse set of situations including:

  • A regional equestrian facility where Councillors posed the questions that they wanted answered and the kinds of information that they needed in order to make informed decisions. When the answers were produced, there was unanimous support for the process, with one Councillor who had been a supporter of an alternative proposal conceding that he regretted not being successful with his original plan, but he could not fault the decision process.
  • Reviews of supply chains and business processes where we have helped clients and project teams pull apart their business models and reconstruct them to produce significant (and often multi-million dollar) improvements.
The disciplines in how to approach these sorts of projects have been embodied in a Consulting Skills course developed in partnership with The Voice Business. The course is available to assist people develop their internal consulting skills and features a case study approach whereby participants learn by practising techniques based on the facilitative and consultative approach that we practise. The course has been delivered for commercial and local government clients.
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