Team Solutions
Effective teamwork is critical to achieving solutions. We are skilled at and committed to helping teams work together to deliver results.
 Helping teams fit together
In the 1970s and 1980s at the Henley Staff College, Meredith Belbin devised an approach to team roles that is based on solid research and has stood the test of time. He is the author of “Management Teams: Why they Succeed or Fail” and “Team Roles at Work”, both published by Butterworth Heinemann.

Belbin describes nine team roles. They are described not so people can be fitted into holes, but rather so they can play to their strengths and complement those of other team members. Understanding Belbin’s model helps teams achieve better results. It can also help team members achieve greater satisfaction by adopting comfortable and fulfilling roles.

John and Ruth Allen are accredited in the Belbin approach. John’s course material and workshop approach for helping teams combines the solid theory and profiling service of Belbin with his own flair and experience.

Participants come away from the session with:
  • A sound understanding of the Belbin concepts
  • An appreciation of their preferred team roles
  • A better view of how others see the roles they play and how they can be more effective
A series of team exercises round out a valuable learning experience which clients regularly rate as “Very Good”. They see how teams can work for better rewards, for the team and the individual. Comments such as...

  • Good value in setting initial framework and understanding of how we would work together
  • Interesting team combinations, highlighting missing roles and how different types of people take on a particular task
  • Revealing to see own profile and how to make most of this
  • The best approach that I have seen to developing teamwork
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