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New ways of thinking about the future for you and your organisation
"Photographing Your Future" is a vehicle to help businesses and organisations form better strategies. It was originally published as an article in the Australian Institute of Management Management magazine in July 1996. Since then it has been successfully used in over 50 speech and workshop situations.

Elements of "Photographing Your Future" have been used to help participants adopt a broader view or find out that forecasting the future is really not that hard when you put your mind to it. Participants have come away from a "Photographing Your Future" experience with comments such as:

  • A new way of thinking of the future.
  • It always amazes me how timely some of the issues are, particularly when they are presented by someone outside the industry. John’s use of the camera as a means of focusing on the issues at hand and particularly the need to focus 10 years on made it easier to contemplate possibilities and opportunities.
  • I thought I was prepared for future change in my business, but John opened up a whole range of new perspectives for me. The big picture is now much bigger.
  • Encourages your audience to embark upon lateral strategic thinking in a way most members will not have previously attempted.

"Photographing your Future" is often used in a workshop type situation.  However on occasion we have then helped the client take the questions raised and help them research the way forward.  This often leads to new insights or can help fine tune a strategy where the basic fundamentals are in place.  We normally employ a coaching style approach, encouraging the client to do as much as possible for themselves ... in the end it will be their strategy and it is important that they develop the relationships and the understanding necessary to carry it forward ... like in this very successful engagement for the Western Sydney Academy of Sport where we worked with the Board, key stakeholders and the CEO:

Allen Management Solutions provided an invaluable framework and critical guidance to the Academy, which enabled significant benefit to be extracted from its strategic planning research processes. The process was comprehensively consulted, communicated and guided to ensure our needs were met and the outcomes were meaningful .

Chief Executive Officer

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